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What can Athena do for your Travel Agency?

Athena uses ground breaking AI™ ChatGPT™ technology to prepare accurate travel content you can edit and send in minutes.

Travel Blog

It's time for new content and you have no ideas. Athena will write a comprehensive topic about any place and subject that you can edit and post anywhere online.

Travel Briefing

Inform and impress your customers with a comprehensive city briefing for any place in the world. They will be completely prepared for the next trip.

Culture Briefing

Help your customers prevent cultural mistakes when travelling.

Food Guide

Prepare your travelling customers with an idea of the gastronomical delights, food history and dishes that await them in their destination.

Holidays & Events

Help your customers plan their stays in destinations with a comprehensive guide to holidays and events.

Travel Itinerary

Impress your customers with a quick day-by-day itinerary for a stay anywhere in the world.

Language Primer

Help your customers learn some of the most common words in their destination.

Local Law Guide

Prepare your customers to observe local laws and regulations.

Packing List

Your customers are ready to go! But what should they take with them? Prepare and send a packing list for exactly the place they're heading to.


Help your customers learn how to get around in their destination.

Social media Posts

No idea what to write for your next social media post? Not to worry, we'll write it for you in seconds. Just give us some basic info.

Supplier Blog

What better way to promote supplier products than with a new blog post or newsletter.

Things to do

Wow your customers with lists of things to do in every city worldwide, so they know whats available before their trip

Transportation Guide

Help your customers learn how to get around in their destination.

Entry Requirements

Help your customers decide what visas, passports or other entry requiremts are needed for their trip.

We are adding more content recipes all the time!